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Fuel Valves

Walk into the pit area of any motorcycle drag strip, pick up any performance or custom oriented magazine and you’ll find a Pingel® product there. Almost every drag and high performance enthusiast utilizes Pingel fuel delivery systems, and for good reason… the Pingel standard of quality and performance.

Pingel Enterprise, Inc. designed and produced the very first Power-Flo fuel valve more than 40 years ago setting industry standards that have yet to be matched. Since then, Pingel Enterprise, Inc. has continued to meet their customers ever-growing needs and demands by expanding the product line to include The Guzzler® and NV Nitro valves, available for gasoline, methanol and nitromethane along with the popular in-line fuel filters. All products are manufactured from billet with high quality stainless steel components and are easy to install.

Along with the original Hex and Round valve design, a “Designer Line” of Power-Flo valves has been added offering a Hex shape with designs of Diamond, Oval, Wave, Finned and Liberty or Round shape with either: Smooth, Lightning, Flame, Grooved, Wave, Finned and Liberty designs. Power-Flo fuel valves feature highly polished aluminum, matte gray aluminum or chrome-plated brass finishes with inlet thread sizes of 1/4″ NPT, 3/8″ NPT, or 22mm (H-D) threads. Standard 5/16″ hose barbs in single, dual or triple outlets are offered in race or reserve styles. Other features include high quality o-rings to insure a leakproof seal, a stainless steel fuel filtering screen, and an easy turn lever for the on/off/reserve positions and our latest round knob valve features stainless steel ball detent positioning.


fuel valve by Pingle guzzler

Anodized Guzzlers

The Guzzler® fuel valve is an outstanding performer designed for use with gasoline, methanol or nitromethane and delivers an impressive 211 ounces of fuel per minute. Manufactured from aircraft aluminum and then anodized to ensure durability, this product is really tough! Select Guzzlers are also available with a Polished Aluminum finish.
The Guzzler® can boast of many outstanding features, including stainless steel components along with springloaded detents for positive on/off positioning and much more. To meet your specific needs, a wide variety of inlets and outlets are also available. NOTE: No reserve available.
You will need to know four things when building your Guzzler® valve:
1. The Inlet size
2. The Outlet size(s)
3. The type of fuel
4. Do you want a remote

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in


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